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July 2014

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Information fasting

Information diet was tempting me recently. With all the social sites and blogs, it’s kinda hard to switch back into creation mode, get brain juices flowing. That’s why I started to prepare “The Plan”.

Cut of distractions

There’s a lot of information out there about a topic of information diet, for example books like The Information Diet: A Case for Conscious Consumption (Amazon) or The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich (Amazon). Solid foundation to build on. I’m going to lay my version of do’s and don’ts. What should I avoid:

  • Social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Hacker News, YouTube, Tumblr, etc.)
  • Blogs with news and opinions on them
  • Newspapers and news servers
  • Feedly (RSS) & Instapaper
  • Nonfiction books

Not that harsh. I don’t own a TV (or radio), so it’s not a problem, also I’m not checking email much (but I’m going to cut it to only once a day).

Encourage good

I’m all for channels which turn on my brain and provoke it to think. What is allowed (in moderate amounts):

  • Podcasts
  • Fiction books
  • Entertaining movies
  • Music
  • Tutorial blogs
  • Documentation of any sort (software, cooking, etc.)


I don’t think next week will have big effect on my routine, but hopes are for a better usage of my free time (tackle project idea, learn something new, polish old knowledge) and maybe less temptations to check some sites while working. I’m looking forward to just scratch some sites from my reading list, clean up some RSS subscriptions and Instapaper queue. I’m starting today (2014-07-28), so I’ll put together some form of summary post next week.

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