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June 2014

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Better coffee habits and beyond

Last week I was watching the World Barista Championship (for some amazing performances, watch at least finals). And in this procrastination mood, two articles about coffee got my attention: one from blog and the other from Authority Nutrition. Don’t get me wrong, both are fairly good and from sources I like, but something doesn’t add up in them (at least for me). Warning: following paragraphs contain some caffeinated opinions.

Break Bad Coffee Habits (like drinking too little of it)

Well, I’m all for cutting out sugar (you don’t need it with quality coffee). not drinking coffee before sleep and not using those flavoured creamers (again, invest in good beans). But 1-2 cups per day ain’t gonna cut it. Dave Asprey is propagating coffee as superfood and you take 2 cups max? Kris Gunnars wrote persuasive article on this with some hard scientific data (and graphs!). Coffee is very beneficial for your health and it’s not a villain here, the junk you put into it is.

Why Bulletproof Coffee is a Good Idea

Kris’ take on bulletproof coffee is a little bit tricky. While I agree that high-carb dieters shouldn’t try this stuff and it’s not really about replacing breakfast, let’s see my way of doing bulletproof. I normally don’t do any breakfast (it makes me more dizzy), but I was searching for some energy kick after waking up. Bulletproof coffee is then very suitable for me - it brings stimulant and long-lasting fuel. I don’t think refined and processed MCT oil is really bad (the fact is it’s not paleo). I’ve tried to use extra virgin coconut oil, but effect on the taste was really bad and the energy boost was much lower. If you want to try bulletproof, get on some form of low-carb diet first, because it really can mess up your LDL and triglycerides. But for me, bulletproof is a good way to function with (nearly) empty stomach.

It’s all about dietary habits

Yeah, if your eating habits are bad, no amount of coffee (bulletproof or not) is going to save you. But if you are following some form of high-fat/low-carb protocol, a cup of bulletproof is not going to kill you and it can be beneficial. Some people need protein for breakfast and they should get it. But if they want some coffee with it, why not bulletproof? So as I said, if you are low-carb, give bulletproof a shot instead of breakfast and eat a big lunch. You can then decide what’s good for you.

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