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July 2013


Initial Commit

What do you say in your first post on new blog? Frankly, I don’t know. With this I’m forcing myself a little bit into writing habit. I made couple of short posts, now sitting in my Dropbox, but I want to push this forward, become more consistent.

Don’t expect me to pull PG-style essays right from the start. Those articles are legendary and if I can make something like that from time to time, I’ll be happy.

Testing gif

I’m interested to write about hacking some stuff (mostly software), my thoughs, geek stuff in general and a lots of other things (see info about what I like). I also want to use this opportunity to sharpen my language skills, so feel free to punish my mistakes in comments (also, let’s see if comments works).

This template will be under heavy development and you can write your opinions about it to me or file an issue.

That’s it for now, I think. I’ll be aiming for at least two posts per week (but when there’s nothing…).

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